Why are Memorial Cards still popular in Ireland?

Firstly, memorial card is the most commonly used term used today. They can also be known as mortuary cards, in memoriam cards, funeral cards and remembrance cards. This can vary for different parts of the country but essentially, they all describe the same thing.

The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences that any of us will go through in our lifetimes. Many of our friends, relations and extended families show great support and give flowers, messages of sympathy or even pay a visit to show their friendship and support. It has been a tradition for many years for the family of the deceased to produce a memorial card as a fitting keepsake and give them to the family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours of those who have passed away. Your loved one’s memory will live on in the people who mattered most to them.

What does a memorial card consist of? 

In years gone by, memorial cards were almost exclusively religious in theme. That has changed quite dramatically over the past number of years. More often than not these days, memorial cards feature a flower or beautiful scenic or other image that meant something to the deceased. For instance, a keen fisherman could have a fishing scene on the front cover or a keen gardener’s memorial card could feature roses or daffodils etc. When asking our customers about the person, quite often you would hear something like “she loved robins and roses”. There is a starting point straight away. Why not include these in a memorial card cover if these things meant so much to her? Some people think that memorial cards need to be exclusively religious but that is certainly not the case these days. If you wish to have a little religious content in the memorial card you can always include a prayer or religious verse. They would typically also include a couple of verses that would either mean something to the deceased or would give comfort to the family.

Memorial Card Designs


On our website, there is a range of popular religious themed memorial cards and also a range of floral, nature themed and Irish memorial cards to choose from. However, more often than not these days, people want a design that specifically relates to their loved one. We provide a free custom design service to ensure that the memorial card captures the essence of your loved one. If you have your own ideas in mind as to how the memorial card should look, let us know. We will create a card that family, friends, neighbours and colleagues will be delighted to receive. We have an extensive range of images available to us and can accommodate most image requests. You can also provide your own photos (photos of your loved one in a favourite place or doing something they loved. And remember, the most important thing to remember about creating a memorial card is how you feel about how it will look and not how others will see it.

Memorial Card Verses


There is a vast number of verses out there that are available to use on a memorial card. We have a selection of verses both long and short on our website that will help you decide which one is the most suitable to use. But you are not tied to any of ours. Many people go online and find a more suitable one for that particular person or they may have seen one in another memorial cards that they have received and may wish to use that poem or verse as well.

The only consideration you must give when choosing the verses or poems is the available space that is available on the card. Particularly when there are several images being designed in as well.


Why Simply Memorial Cards?


For many years now, Simply Memorial Cards have been working closely with our customers to produce a card that meets and exceeds their expectations. There is no compromise on quality with the materials we use or the quality of our design and print. In what is quite a difficult task for many people, we have consistently produced quality memorial cards that our customers are more than happy with.